Rules to Present your forum

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Rules to Present your forum

Post by bradjoe96 on Sun May 10, 2009 2:00 pm

After the following message you will be able to propose a introduction of your forum.

You must include in your introduction these following points:

1/ Choice of the category where the introduction of your forum will figure,
- You must indicate only one heading.
- If the heading you want doesn't appear in the list : put it an existing heading similar, and mention the heading you want. The moderators will study your suggestion, and will take a decision if a new heading needs to be created or not.

2/ Choice of a title to introduce your forum (Example: FootBall Mania AND NOT My Forum about FootBall !),
Example : for this forum, it would be : Admins Network
Important : what you'll put there will be the title of your forum promotion topic

3/ Mention the address (http://yourforum.subdomain.....) of your forum,

4/ Mention also the main language used on your forum (to help you to attract people who speak the same language). NOTICE : Only forums in English will be accepted.

5/ The content of your message aims to describe your forum, and its content, in a clear and precise way (Theme of the forum, its purpose, ...). If you put screenshots, please use thumbnails, to avoid to enlarge the forum frames (If needed ,you can do that in Imageshack by using the link called "Thumbnail for forums (1) as an exemple we suggest you)"

We also remind you that it's useless to leave comments about the forums in this topic...

Note : We recommend you use this kind of presentation instead of the normal one, a complete presentation is always better Wink

If your introduction doesn't appear in a sub-forum, it's because it doesn't suit the rules, and has been moved to the garbage.

After your introduction is accepted, you will be added to a group. It is useless to worry, everything's normal. Thanks for not writing to a moderator about that.
For any question, contact us by PM. Wink

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